Carmen Honaker joined UCF RESTORES in November 2019 as a Contracts and Grants Specialist. Throughout the past 10 years, Carmen has remained heavily involved with UCF in an academic and professional capacity. Carmen obtained a Bachelor of Public Administration and a Master’s of Nonprofit Management from UCF and has held numerous positons within the university. Her professional experience in accounting, program management, and student advising has made Carmen a versatile and dynamic addition to the UCF RESTORES team. In her current role, she will provide financial management support to all areas of clinic operation, while also serving as a research administrator. Due to Carmen’s vast professional experience, educational achievements, and eagerness to learn, she will serve as a tremendous asset to UCF RESTORES. While Carmen is not crunching numbers or managing budgets, she enjoys reading, attending festivals, and spending quality time with her daughter while teaching her about their Romanian heritage.