Jessica Ruiz, a clinical psychology doctoral student, is an honored member of the UCF RESTORES team. A California native, Jessica was born and raised in San Jose and studied psychology and sociology at the University of San Diego. Jessica is a McNair Scholar and participated in a number of research projects. Previously, her research included areas of social psychology and clinical psychology. Jessica volunteered with research at the San Diego VA where she helped conduct a retrospective exploratory study assessing the mental health outcomes of veterans who screen positive for Military Sexual Trauma. After graduating with her BA in Psychology in 2017, Jessica moved to Orlando, Florida where she began studying as a doctoral student under the mentorship of Dr. Clint Bowers. Since joining her colleagues, Jessica has helped with REACT training aiding various communities in peer support. Her interests include PTSD, preventative research and reducing stigma and barriers to care among marginalized populations. She enjoys hiking, food festivals, traveling and being active.