The Hidden Power of Friendship

July 29, 2021
By: UCF RESTORES Suicide Prevention Expert David Rozek, Ph.D., ABPP Suicide prevention is a topic that should be discussed more often and not just within September (i.e., Suicide Prevention Month). World Friendship Day, recognized this year on July 30, 2021, is another perfect opportunity to discuss how you can have an impact on the mental […]
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Helping the Helpers: Supporting First Responders in Surfside

July 8, 2021
Last week, our team at UCF RESTORES® deployed to Surfside to support the first responders attending to the tragic, recent building collapse. During our time at the active site, we met with hundreds of first responders from across the state, providing as-needed “psychological first aid” for these brave and selfless heroes. We were honored to […]
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