UCF RESTORES is dedicated to helping individuals regain control of their lives in the aftermath of trauma, restoring hope to families and communities in the process. Our team of licensed behavioral health professionals is committed to providing cutting-edge research and treatment for trauma-related disorders and concerns.

Of course, our work would not be possible without the financial support of so many forward-thinking groups and individuals, including private donors. By giving to UCF RESTORES, you are joining our mission to change the way PTSD and trauma are understood, diagnosed and treated. Thank you to all the generous individuals and organizations that make our work possible.

Your contribution will support:

  • The provision of evidence-based treatment for those affected by trauma:To-date, UCF RESTORES has treated 500 veterans and active-duty personnel, 350 first responders (including firefighters, law enforcement, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, medical personnel and emergency dispatchers), as well as survivors of sexual assault and mass violence, including the Pulse nightclub, Las Vegas and Parkland mass shootings.
  • Continued development and dissemination of peer support and resiliency training:Understanding that our front-line heroes – those in the military or first responder professions – are more likely to open up to peers with similar experiences, background and history, UCF RESTORES provides daylong workshops through its REACT training program. Here, first responders learn to recognize signs of emotional distress, offer peer-level support and effectively coordinate follow up when clinical assistance is warranted. In 2019, UCF RESTORES hosted 18 REACT trainings, engaging with more than 200 participants.
  • Deployment of critical incident response:UCF RESTORES is often asked to provide mental health support after a critical incident. Among the 20 incidents to which we responded in 2019 were the loss of two firefighters at sea (Jacksonville) and a mass shooting at a Naval Air Station (Pensacola). In 2019, our organization provided 115 hours of critical incident debriefing and mental health support to first responders.
  • Ongoing research to advance development of emerging treatment methodologies.Our donations are collected through and secured by the UCF Foundation. Please click the button below if you’re interested in learning more about how you can directly support UCF RESTORES and its work for those in need: