The Rosengren Trauma Clinic at UCF RESTORES provides clinical treatment services to first responders, veterans, active-duty military, survivors of military and civilian sexual assault, and community members experiencing PTSD and trauma-related concerns. Services are available at our clinic in Orlando. Our team of behavioral health experts use evidence-based treatments that utilize technology to effectively treat trauma and PTSD.

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Treatment Programs and Services:

Outpatient Therapy

Our comprehensive Trauma Management Therapy treatment program is designed to help those affected by trauma – including first responders, veterans, active-duty personnel, survivors of military and civilian sexual assault, and more – experiencing PTSD and trauma-related concerns. Integrating technology into evidence-based psychological treatment provides an optimal approach to treating trauma.

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Trauma Management Therapy Intensive Outpatient Program

Our two-week intensive outpatient program is structured to provide concentrated, trauma-specific treatment for those battling PTSD. Trauma Management Therapy consists of daily individualized exposure therapy, paired with daily group therapy sessions, all of which are conducted by UCF RESTORES’ master- or doctoral-level mental health clinicians.

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Single-Session Consultation Program

Established in response to the pressure, stress and demand placed on our medical and emergency service fields amid COVID-19, UCF RESTORES pivoted to offer no-cost, single–session consultations for individuals seeking a space to discuss their stressors and develop a plan for how to handle the extreme challenges they face everyday.

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Virtual Reality Treatment

At UCF RESTORES, our core approach to treatment is exposure therapy, enhanced using fully immersive virtual reality (VR) technology.

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