A circular logo with the text "Redline Rescue" in the center, surrounded by the phrases "Serving Firefighters & Their Families" at the top and "In Their Times of Need" at the bottom, with two hands reaching out. Circular logo with two reaching hands above the word "BLUELINE" in blue, "RESCUE" in white below it. Text around edge reads: "SERVING LAW ENFORCEMENT & THEIR FAMILIES IN THEIR TIMES OF NEED. Circular logo with two hands reaching towards each other above the words "GOLDLINE RESCUE." Text around the edge reads "SERVING DISPATCHERS & THEIR FAMILIES IN THEIR TIMES OF NEED.

The Redline Rescue, Blueline Rescue, and Goldline Rescue sites grew out of one firefighter’s commitment to resiliency and recovery through connectivity to the entire first responder community. The sites are a community of first responders and professionals committed to serving those who serve selflessly behind the badge.

The mission is built on the foundation of connecting first responders and their families to trained peer providers and culturally competent clinicians in their times of need. Through education and community, this movement helps provide the support needed to deliver sustainable healing for first responders.

Originally a collaboration between UCF RESTORES and the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative, UCF RESTORES launched the initial website in 2021. The current sites have benefitted greatly from a grant from the State of Florida Department of Children and Families (LH843) and from the support of First Lady Casey DeSantis.

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