At UCF RESTORES, we believe that possessing a deep understanding of the cultures unique to the individuals seeking treatment is key to success. We take this charge seriously for all groups and, as the National Center of Excellence for First Responder Behavioral Health, we are proud to work with our partners at the Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative to ensure that each of our licensed mental health clinicians complete the collaborative’s two-day Clinician Awareness Program. The program is designed for clinicians and providers seeking to learn more about the unique elements of firefighter culture to be more effective in treating firefighters. 

Program participants are provided an immersive opportunity to learn about firefighter culture, lingo and lifestyle, as well as the unique stressors the job entails. This training includes both classroom and live scenarios, including wearing of turnout gear, watching a live burn training scenario, visiting fire stations and interacting with firefighters. 

Additionally, all clinicians at UCF RESTORES have completed ride-along immersions with the City of Orlando Police Department. And, to ensure cultural competency in our treatment of veteran and active-duty military personnel, UCF RESTORES makes a concerted effort to appoint veterans among its professional staff and graduate students. We invite clinicians and providers in the field of behavioral health to join us in learning more about the unique first responder and military communities and, in doing so, augment their practice to provide our front–line heroes with the type of personalized treatment they deserve.