The Power of Peer Support | Front-Line Workers & Essential Personnel

September 9, 2020
At UCF RESTORES®, we not only strongly believe in the power of peer support, we’ve witnessed it firsthand. Through REACT, our peer support training program, we’ve worked with thousands of first responders to help our front-line heroes learn how to recognize signs of emotional distress in others, offer peer-level support and effectively coordinate follow up […]

UCF RESTORES Rolls Out No-Cost, Single Session Consultations for Medical Personnel Amid COVID-19

July 17, 2020
Due to the current pressure and demand placed on our medical and emergency service fields during COVID-19, UCF RESTORES is now offering no-cost, single session consultations to those individuals seeking a space to discuss the unique and ongoing stressors they are experiencing. WHO? Frontline health care workers, medical professionals and first responders impacted by COVID-19. […]

Update: UCF RESTORES VR Tech Development

July 17, 2020
WFTV’s Jaime Holmes shares the progress made on UCF RESTORES’ proprietary VR technology, currently under development through funding from the US Department of Defense and multiple partnerships across campus. The technology, unlike any other, will allow therapists to precisely render scenes of patients’ trauma. Undergraduate UCF students spearhead the day-to-day development of the new technology, […]
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Trauma and Resilience During COVID-19: Pegasus Magazine

July 1, 2020
No one could have predicted the stress, fear and overall difficulty that this year has brought in the form of a global pandemic. The world has changed seemingly overnight, and while the changes to our world may exist for a while, trauma caused by this pandemic has the opportunity to leave behind long-term damage. In […]
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Annual Report: Restoring Hope Through Research, Partnership & Service

June 19, 2020
Over the past year, our team at UCF RESTORES has worked to grow the organization in new, unique and meaningful ways. From expanding our scope of services to further reach communities in need to forging new partnerships that are already paving the way for revolutionary change, our impact has expanded even further as we continue […]
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Suicide: Let’s Talk About It

May 14, 2020
Thoughts of suicide and self-harm are not uncommon, especially in these unprecedented times. In fact, studies show that coronavirus (COVID-19) could take the lives of 75,000 Americans through “deaths of despair.” So, now more than ever, talking about suicidal ideation is critically important. In the next installment of our Wellness Education Series, UCF RESTORES’ David […]
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Social Support in the Age of Social Distancing

May 11, 2020
Amid the spread of COVID-19, times have certainly changed … but that doesn’t mean the quality of connections with your loved ones should, too. In the next installment of our Wellness Education Series, Dr. Deborah Beidel sits down with UCF RESTORES’ David Rozek, Ph.D., to discuss how we can maintain or rekindle relationships to promote […]
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How to Avoid Self-care Procrastination

May 7, 2020
At one point or another, nearly all of us fall into the trap of saying, “I was too busy for this today; I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” But, when it comes to self-care – especially in times of heightened stress and anxiety – procrastination can be massively detrimental to our mental well-being. In the […]
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Breaking Through the Silence: First Responder Mental Wellness

May 6, 2020
In the 2020 edition of Florida Firefighter Magazine, UCF RESTORES Fire/EMS Outreach Coordinator and Ret. Maitland Fire Chief Kim Neisler breaks down the unique stressors our first responders bravely face every day, the dedicated resources available to support them and the importance of “breaking through the culture of silence.” Click on the image below to […]
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